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Choralyne Dumesnil law firm fees


Fees are set in accordance with the internal rules of the Paris Bar Association or the rules of the California Bar Association, depending on the case.

The firm charges fees based on time spent, or a combination of fees with a performance fee or subscription fee.

We offer 3 fee models

Time-based fees

Fees are based on time spent, according to an hourly rate announced by the lawyer at the initial consultation. This formula is suitable for cases where it is difficult to predict the exact number of hours required.
A breakdown of the time spent is regularly communicated to the client.
A fee agreement is signed between the lawyer and the client.

Profit and loss fee

Depending on your case, a contingent fee may be agreed.

The result-based fee is a supplement to the time-based fee.

This formula is calculated on the customer's "gain" following the procedure. In France, it cannot be the only method of remuneration.

Fees per subscription

This formula is chosen when clients use the lawyer's services on a periodic or regular basis.

What you need to know

signing a legal contract

Legal protection

If you have legal protection insurance as part of an insurance contract (credit card, home insurance, etc.), your legal fees may be partially or fully covered by your insurance company.

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company.

Indemnification and reimbursement of fees by the opposing party

Under French law, the Code of Criminal Procedure (article 475-1) and the Code of Civil Procedure (article 700) allow a court to order the opposing party to reimburse the customer in full or in part for fees and expenses incurred in legal proceedings.
California courts can also order the opposing party to pay the lawyer's fees.

Legal aid

The firm accepts legal aid cases only for rape victims in the context of a hearing before the Assize Court.



Choralyne Dumesnil Attorney at law

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  • Domestic Violence
  • Victims of sex & gender-based violence
  • Child Protection
  • Divorce
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
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