Choralyne Dumesnil, attorney at law licensed in Paris and California

Divorce in Paris 2e (75002)


Choralyne Dumesnil, divorce in Paris 8 (75008)

Mutual consent

When the spouses agree directly or through their lawyers on all the elements affected by their divorce, it is possible to divorce by mutual consent.

Family mediation

Family mediation can help spouses reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. It should be noted that family mediation is not possible in situations of domestic violence.

Divorce agreement

If agreement is reached, a divorce agreement can be drawn up, signed by the parties and their lawyers, and filed with a notary.


If the parties are unable to reach agreement on all or some of the issues affected by the divorce, it is necessary to refer the matter to the family judge.


The firm assists you in these proceedings. Our dual expertise in French and Californian law enables us to advise our clients, particularly in the France-California context.

International couples in France

French divorce agreements are not recognized in all countries of the world. When the situation of the parties presents a foreign element (for example, a marriage abroad between binationals), it is advisable to obtain a divorce decree so that it can be registered abroad. To do this, the spouses can submit concordant applications to the family court through their lawyers.

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Diane Morin

Member of the California Bar

The firm works in collaboration with Diane Morin, a member of the California Bar with offices in Palo Alto.


Divorce by mutual consent

By deed of attorney

Collaborative divorce

Amicable procedure



Family mediation

Only in the absence of
domestic violence
or domestic violence

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